0108 - When Life Gives You Grapefruits, with Deaconess Nicole Mannyx

Welcome to More Than a Cake-Stall, a podcast that explores the ways in which women of the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales (PCNSW) have used the gifts God has given them – however big or small - in service of the Kingdom. 

In Season 1, we are partnering with Jericho Road, the justice and mercy arm of the PCNSW , to share stories of how women, in the past and present, have used the gifts God has given them in justice and mercy ministries. 


In Episode 8, Nicole Mannyx shares how God allowed an abundant grapefruit tree in the manse open the way for the church at Penrith Presbyterian to serve their community through Sydney’s lockdown in 2021. Nicole reflects on God’s desire, specifically throughout the Old Testament, for His people to care for the poor, widow, and stranger among them. We trust that this conversation will inspire you, and your Church, to see the needs of the most vulnerable God has placed around you, and utilise them for His glory. 


We’d love to hear thoughts, questions and feedback? Get in touch with us at sysiu@pcnsw.org.au



Show Notes 

Nicole completed the Deaconess course of study at Christ College (formerly PTC), Sydney. You can find out more about the candidates course of study here. 

Interested in what a Deacon’s Court (Diaconate) might look like in your Church? Christ College has created a helpful resource, titled “A Theological Vision For the Presbyterian Church of Australia…” which, in part, spells out the theological foundations and practical steps required to establish a Deacons Court (p 16 onwards).

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