Ministry Spheres for Women

Ministry spheres for women


  • Women meeting up with women to read the Bible on a one to one basis.
  • In Women’s Bible study groups, Kids Church, Scripture in Schools
  • Teaching the Bible at Women’s Ministry at women’s ministry events


  • Pathway ministries- e.g. Playgroup, parenting courses, English classes, hospitality
  • One to one Bible evangelistic Bible reading with enquirers
  • Evangelism via small groups/ courses. e.g. Simply Christianity
  • Outreach events
  • Scripture in Schools
  • Ministry to EALD (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) communities, Cross Cultural work


  • One to one Bible Reading
  • Discipling and mentoring relationships
  • Small group Bible studies that foster honesty, accountability, vulnerability, prayer and the thoughtful grappling with Biblical truth.


  • To equip and train women to know and understand the Bible, to develop sound theology and to teach it to others
  • To write and lead Bible studies
  • To write talks
  • To present and share personal testimony
  • To pray publicly
  • Children’s and youth ministry training
  • Scripture teaching
  • One to one evangelism training
  • In the practice of Christ focused pastoral care
  • Facilitiating specialised workshops and seminars to men and women at para-church conferences and local church events

Pastoral Care:

  • One to one pastoral visits
  • Prayer
  • Hospitality

Sunday Services:

  • Leading worship in song
  • Singing/playing musical instruments
  • “Kid’s Talks”
  • Prayer
  • Sharing testimonies
  • Leading the service

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