0402 - How Did We Get Here? After Union

In season 4 of More Than A Cake Stall, we’re going to consider the history of women elders within the PCA and the PCNSW. With a little help from past and present Assembly delegates, clerks, moderators, ministers and elders, we hope to better understand how the Courts of the Church have engaged this issue over the last 70+ years, and in doing so, find the answer to the question, how did we get here?

In episode 2, After Union, we consider the impact of Union and how it framed the debates on ordination of women to the eldership; and how the Federal and State Assemblies worked out who had the authority to make decisions about the office elders.

Rev Bruce Christian joins us with helpful insights into the context that led to the debates, and Rev Dr Paul Logan, former Assembly Clerk, helps us understand the role of the Procurator and Law Agent.

Read the full transcript.

Read Rev Bob Thomas' speech, The Crisis of '77

Read Simon Fraser's speech to the GAA 1997.

I'm deeply indebted to the invaluable efforts of Mrs Sue Pacey and Rev Bruce Meller, at the Ferguson Library; Rev Bruce Christian and Rev Dr Paul Logan for their graciousness to be interviewed; Iron In Our Blood by Mark Hutchinson; Burning or Bushed, edited by Rev Paul F Cooper and Rev David Burke; and lecture notes compiled by Mrs Nicole Mannyx, as presented in Ministry Training Women.

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